Covid Policy.

New Policies & Procedures During Covid-19 Pandemic

Dear parents/students,

There are now some easy to follow safety measures in place. Please see new changes and procedures below. To assist with the safety of all students, parents and our staff it is mandatory all parents and students comply. Please take particular note of the outside drop off and collect system, arrival and departure times and facemask requirements for some.

Entering and Exiting

Parents are required to drop off and collect their children from outside the building. A member of our staff will be present during these times. There will be a separate door to enter and exit the building. For the time being, there is no signing in sheet. We will collect the names of students as they arrive.

If your young child should need to visit the toilet upon arriving, please assist them if necessary and then continue to wait with them outside the building until we come to collect their group.

All classes will take place at their normal times; however, all students must arrive 5 to 10 minutes before their scheduled first class and will leave 5 to 10 minutes after their last class has finished. This is to ensure that we do not have students crossing paths with others unnecessarily. For this to run smoothly, it is vital you arrive on time for drop off (not too early) and collect your children on time. Should you/your child arrive late, please call 07851 331 760 and wait outside until a member of our team comes to collect you/your child. I must stress arrival and collection times are now vital.

If you need to discuss or have any questions regarding uniform, fees, classes, your child’s progress or anything else, please try to do so via email or phone. Our staff will now be busier than normal onsite. Of course, if you have a quick question or an urgent concern, we will make to ourselves available.

Please see below arrival and exit times below. It is essential you wait outside until a member of staff collects and drops off your child.

Please note, both our halls have two doors. One door will be used as an entrance and the other as an exit.

New Students and Parents

Parents of new students under the age of 6 will be permitted to stay inside the building on their first day. Parents of all new students can view their child’s classes for a short time (from outside of the halls) providing they wear a facemask. Under no circumstances will a parent be allowed to enter the halls. All registration forms must be completed and submitted via our website before you attend your first day.

Students Participating in More Than One Class

Members of Turbelles partaking in more than one subject will stay on site as before and be supervised by a member of our staff should they have a break between classes.

Most students will not move rooms. Tutors will generally move to where the pupils are.


It is compulsory all parents, staff and students over the age of 11 wear a facemask in the corridors and the toilets. Facemasks can be removed in classes. Please supply your over 11’s with a facemask. Should your child forget theirs, we will have some available.

The building will be implementing a one‐way system.

There will be hand sanitiser on reception and in the studios. Students will be asked to sanitise or wash their hands upon arrival and departure. We recommend students bring their own sanitiser.

We will also create bubbles for toilet breaks.

The lettings team will clean frequently used areas before and after each hire. Upon arriving Turbelles will also clean any surface/area we feel our students, parents and staff may come into contact with. Our hall doors will be left open, therefore (besides the toilets) your child should not need to come into contact with many items/surfaces other than their personal belongings.


Students will be allocated a chair (two metres apart) for their breaks.

Side by side or back to back practice. All students will be kept two metres apart as much as possible. Classes exceeding 15 students, will be split into smaller groups (likely by age). This may mean a change of time for some. We will contact you should this effect you/your child. We will do our best to create fun social distancing as it is important our members feel secure, continue to enjoy our classes and do not feel any stress from these new procedures.

Parents should not send their children into classes with coats as the process to ensure safe collection of this item slows the transition period between classes and exiting the building. Please only provide their labelled water bottle and if necessary, a small bag for tap shoes, foot thongs and/or ballet shoes. Only students travelling home alone should bring their coats with a bag for essentials.

Fees and Orders

Due to the situation we are unable to take any cash payments or orders on reception. All fees and uniform orders must be paid online. It is essential fees are paid on time. Students who have not paid will not be permitted into classes. Any uniform orders must be emailed to Please state the item, size and any other useful information in the email and confirm that payment has been made.

Hugs and Personal Contact/Sharing

For students, staff and even our parents at Turbelles hugs, high fives etc are usually commonly exchanged. It is vital that we all try our best to social distance. Please explain to your children that for now we do a very cool elbow high five.

Students will not be permitted to share any personal items including water bottles with cousins etc. Please ensure you/your child has their own water and ballet shoes (if necessary). We do not encourage mobile phones or any other personal items but we do acknowledge that for older students travelling home alone this may be necessary. All packaging etc must be taken home by students/staff.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, you are welcome to contact us.